Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jazz Night @ Celebrate Brooklyn

Hey everyone! So I know I haven't been writing on here much. It is almost a year since I have shared anything on my blog. Just been a bit busy trying to figure out what I want to do with my life professionally. Many may agree with me that the recession has put a strain on the professional life. Along the way, I have realized that I shouldn't just focus on finding a career. I definitely need to take up a hobby to keep from going insane lol.

I decided that taking up photography would be very interesting. I'm not taking any classes for photography or doing it professionally. I just grab my camera go to events or random locations and write about them along with pictures. Hmmm that sounds fun! lol. I went to Celebrate Brooklyn event this past Saturday June 19th, well actually I volunteered. The Carefusion Jazz Festival and BRIC Arts worked together to bring artist Mike Stern and jazz band Bitches Brew Revisisted. I enjoyed the music by both performers. I enjoyed the wordless songs with different tones. Some songs made you want to jam, others made you want to listen to every change in rhythm and the rest gave goosebumps. Here are a couple of pics I was able to get:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Kids Event!

Hey everyone so tomorrow, July 25, CCthePR and About Time Boutique are having their 2nd Annual Kids Day Event!...So first the location is on Sterling Place between Franklin Avenue and Classon Avenue. It is somewhat like a Block Party but better! They will have all types of things going on. The main thing, well to me especially in this weather, are the water slides! Yes you read correctly, there will be water slides for the kids! They are also having live music there, cotton candy, treats from Lily & Fig (Franklin Avenue between Sterling Place and Park Place), horses for the little kids and more. If you have nothing to do on Saturday come out to this. You will not be disappointed. Kids Day starts @ 12pm. If you want more info you can contact Garnett of CCthePR at


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hey everyone! So I collaborated with Nostrand Park to write about my neighborhood and my culture. You can see this mini article on the Nostrand Park blog:
So there's an event that is happening July 22th that is...get this...only $5! Tomorrow is Teen Movie Night with the showing of "Juno" and "ATL".

The 411....

Location: Hello Brooklyn ( 18 Commerce st. btwen Richards & Columbia)
Transportation: B61, G or F train to Carroll Street
Shuttle Bus($1) will be at the Carroll st. stop by the F & G trains
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Admission: $5 (Get this there will be popcorn and other treats sold and NOT at
movie theater prices!)
Hosts: Collective Concept PR & Street Rootz Ent.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Community Pride Day

Community Pride Day (CPD) is an annual day of fun, games and entertainment for attendees. With a threefold mission of inspiring community pride through fun activities, connecting youth to local youth programs and giving local businesses a venue to market and showcase their products and services, CPD is always an impactful day. In The Past, activities included a community clean-up scavenger hunt, a large children’s play pen, free school supply give-aways, a live DJ, and tons of free food. This year’s theme is “Our Community in 5D”.


DJ by Mike Hollywood of the Universal Hip Hop Parade

Other Sponsors:
Jamaica Grill (food sponsor) -
NY Liberty -
NY Rangers and/or -
NY Knicks -
McDonald's -
Children of Promise -
YMCA of Greater NY -
MC by Mr. Chase -

Date: Saturday, July 18, 2009
Time: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Location: Von King Park
Street: 670 Lafayette Ave
City/Town: Brooklyn, NY


Friday, July 10, 2009

AfroPunk Fest

Hey guys! So remember I told you guys I will give some information on events coming up when I get the word. Well the word is that on JULY 12 at The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Downtown Brooklyn, ABOUT TIME BOUTIQUE PRESENTS KROW HILL will have a booth set up at the AfroPunk Festival. The boutiques want to introduce to you the hottest designed t-Shirts by both ABOUT TIME and KROW HILL. The masterpieces will be available to view. Get to know more about the artists and the talent they have in creating designer t-shirts. Maybe you can make business with the talents behind the shirts. Come out! You will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So today I decided to get more active with my Twitter account. I had it for awhile but never cared to use because I had no purpose of using it. I saw it as a new form and easier way for stalkers to well stalk you. Starting at my public relations job, I realized that it can also be a great tool to communicate, network and inform the public about what you want them to know. Even though you are being stalked, you can be stalked for the right reasons. You can also stalk those with vital information. A major page I have been stalking on Twitter is @CCPR; this is the Twitter page for Collective Concept Public Relations. I find it to be one of the realest Twitter page to be on because it does not completely focus on boring business news but inform you of what is going here at the agency and what is going on in the world from our views. You can also follow me when you get the chance @kjf0820